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Trustees and core group members.


P.R. Rajalakshmi, Rajalakshmi is a post-graduate in Embedded Systems and working as a Software Development engineer in Siemens. She is a part of Relief Foundation as a volunteer, supporting us in collecting information of various timelines of RF and organizing them to upload in our website. She visits RF office every Saturday and sometimes works from home too. She says "I always wanted to contribute back to the society and create a better tomorrow for all of us. RF is one of the best organizations, which is continuously working hard to transform the perspective of life for a child. They have proven that tapping the best potential of a child and showing them the right direction towards life is the best education. RF believes that a "correct by construction" environment will create best individuals, which I think is the crux for creating a better tomorrow. I should thank RF for giving me the opportunity and I am definitely proud to be part of the RF team."

Malini Vinod who offers time to screen students for scholarship and also supervise our rural project as and when possible
- Montessori trained volunteers interested in rural area work.


CAREducation Trust, UK
- volunteers, funding and resources support.

Galaxy Montessori Academy
- volunteers, funding and resources support.